Crackweed is the drug that's sweeping the world.

It will probably also destroy your mind, so please be careful.

Crackweed (a.k.a. Crack Weed or Crack-Weed) is a new, exciting, and rewarding drug combination - marijuana laced with crack! It is typically prepared by finely powdering crack (and possibly mixing it with vaseline), and baking it into marijuana.

Send us your favourite crackweed recipe today!

Recipe 1: (sent in by an anonymous reader)
Yes exactly, crackweed. My girlfriend is a crackweed ho. My favorite recipe is cutting up a nice cherry bud into small granular pieces then dip the crack rock (a twenty piece) into a bowl of sugar and water. (3 tblspoons to 1 ounce water). Then put the crack rock and weed into a bag, start shaking. Kinda like shake and bake. Put the crack covered weed into the oven for about 20 minutes at 350. Pull it out and wait about 30 seconds. Thank you have a nice day.

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