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Aceldama Systems builds technology solutions based on open standards and publicly available software. Having the source code for your entire system puts the power in your hands, rather than in the hands of a vendor. Don't buy into a proprietary solution when your money would be better spent building an open solution with free software available on the Internet.

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The OED tells us:

[a. Ακελδαμα, the Gr. representation of an Aramaic phrase, Chal. h[a]qel d[e]ma, Syr. okel damo the field of blood.] The name given to the field in the vicinity of Jerusalem, purchased with the blood-money received and relinquished by Judas Iscariot. Hence fig. A field of bloodshed, a scene of slaughter or butchery.

1382 WYCLIF Acts i. 19 Thilke feeld was clepid Achildemak [1388 Acheldemak] in the langage of hem, that is the feeld of blood. 1611 WYCLIF Acts i. 19 That field is called in their proper tongue, Aceldama, that is to say, The field of blood. A. 1658 CLEVELAND Content (1687) 38 In this dark way Of Death, this Scarlet-streak'd Aceldama. 1658 R. FRANCK North. Mem. (1821) 20 Are not the nations about us like an acaldemy of blood, that darkens the air? 1742 YOUNG Night Th. VI. 103 Love Divine, Which lifts us..From earth's aceldama, this field of blood. 1756 BURKE Vind. Nat. Soc. Wks. I. 22 What an Aceldama, what a field of blood Sicily has been in ancient times. 1859 DE QUINCEY The Caesars Wks. X. 175 All brought their tributes of beauty or deformity to these vast aceldamas of Rome.

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